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Please note that Forbes Hill Montessori School used to be Wollaston Hill Montessori School when the school was operated in a larger facility, pre-pandemic

Oonagh Connolly is a born teacher. This is what makes the Wollaston Hill Montessori School such a special place. Oonagh is intuitive, intelligent, emotionally-attuned, and utterly devoted to her work. The humanistic principles and passion that underwrite her philosophical approach and program are in harmony with everything our family values in the early educational realms. The Wollaston Hill School has been the perfect first educational step for our daughter Miryam: she approached it with great trepidation and ended up having the time of her life. The confidence she has gained will, we are quite certain, serve as an excellent springboard for her future experiences in learning and life. An infinity of personal touches and the Oonagh’s eye for what is unique in each child is what we have appreciated and will remember most of all. Really, we cannot imagine a better place at which to begin . . .

Ed, Khanh and Miryam

Parv completed three years of curriculum in WHMS (2016 - 2019) after which we moved back to India where he started going to first grade. WHMS gave Parv a great foundation and learning pattern which he has carried with him to India.
Oonagh gives kids a very nurturing environment which helps them make a smooth transition from home to preschool.
For us, three years went past pretty soon. We blinked our eyes and saw a confident kid graduating from WHMS.

Fully satisfied mom!

Anupama Rajpurohit

As parents of two daughters we have been part of this wonderful WHMS school community for the past three years. We have found Oonagh Connolly to be a passionate and caring Director/Teacher and the individual attention she gives to each child along with the high level of parent communication is all well beyond what we had expected. Our children have grown so much during their time at WHMS both academically but also socially, showing a great level of independence, respect and compassion, along with a genuine curiosity and love of learning.
We feel so fortunate to have been able to find Oonagh Connolly and the beautiful, small school that she has created. As a result, we feel we have been able to give our daughters what we consider to be the best start to their schooling and we will certainly be sad when it comes time for us to move on.

The Bolton Family

Our son Jasper is starting his second year at WHMS and we are extremely happy with his growth and development.  We like the self-directed learning and play that the school provides and it has resulted in good habits and behavior at home.  

We are thrilled when he demonstrates new skills and knowledge that he gained in school and from interacting with with his fellow students.  For example, we have a single child so it is really heartwarming when we see him acting like a big brother to the younger kids in the neighborhood. We know where he got that from!

Lastly, we really feel like Oonagh has created a community.  The parents schedule play dates outside of school and it seems like every good weather day ends with the children playing together at the local playground.  The school provides a strong sense of belongingness, and we're very lucky to have found this special place.

The Darjis Family

Our twin daughters completed the full three-year program at Wollaston Hill Montessori School. We were initially drawn by the bright and inviting classroom, as well as the Montessori model of independent exploration. More importantly, once we met with Oonagh we knew this was the right fit for our daughters. Every step of the way, Oonagh understood their individual personalities, strengths, and areas of need. Over their three years at WHMS, they made amazing progress academically and socially. Both girls gained new levels of confidence and independence, and were completely prepared for kindergarten. WHMS was one of the best choices we have made for our daughters, and we recommend it highly.

Jen and Ray

Having our daughter, Zoe, attend Wollaston Hill Montessori School has been such a wonderful experience for our whole family. She has grown more independent and curious, and has formed strong friendships with the children in her class. Ms. Connolly and Mrs. Hatfield are genuine, caring, and so thoughtful with the children. With the excitement and stresses of the birth of our second child this fall, we have been so grateful that Zoe has had a stimulating, yet peaceful environment to go to every morning, where her unique personality, interests, and strengths are respected and built upon. She loves going to school every day, she adores her friends and teachers, and we couldn't imagine a better place for her to be starting her school career!

The Durlach Family

My husband and I were so happy when we finally found the right place for our son. 

Ms. Connolly is the most wonderful teacher and we felt lucky that she was the first teacher for him. She provides a great environment for kids to get along with others, learning behavior, and of course with all the Montessori benefits. Also, it was a pleasure to see how they proudly showed off their achievements to their parents at the end of each year. Our favorite was the Spring Concert. You can meet a group of singing angels there. 

Our son is in 2nd grade now and he fits in well at school. Thanks to the great start from Wollaston Hill Montessori School. We miss you, Ms. Connolly! 

Yun and John

I had to express our gratitude to Ms. Connolly and The Staff at WHMS. Our daughter started her early years here at the age of 3. Her experience, and ours, was so wonderful. We  could not have asked for a more nurturing, clean, safe environment for our child.  They were always Very patient and kind. The Montessori Method of teaching is remarkable, and a wonderful way to start your child off to their education.  Oonagh Connolly will always have a very special place in our hearts!

The Lyons Family

Our daughter is now in her 3rd year at the Wollaston Hill Montessori School and we've seen such amazing growth over the last 2 years. She’s become more confident, more engaged with other children, and extremely self-sufficient. I would recommend this school to anyone looking for an alternative to the traditional educational/childcare options available out there.

The Feeney Family

We just wanted to take a moment to mention what a wonderful school Wollaston Hill Montessori is. We have two boys there - five year old Eren and three year old Evren - and I find that it is a great learning environment for each of them. The Montessori Method of teaching is phenomenal. The students learn at their own pace and the teachers make sure that the children learn and grasp each concept before they are moved on to another goal. The teachers - Ms. Connolly and Mrs. Hatfield - are patient, caring and genuinely concerned about each child's well-being and education. The school director, Ms. Connolly, is very organized and always striving to improve. The parent/teacher communication is exceptional. Ms. Connolly is always available to work with us on concerns and/or skills to be used at home. The classroom is clean, well-organized and peaceful. I always feel confident in knowing I am leaving my children in a safe and stimulating environment. Also, we know that Wollaston Hill Montessori is the best school for a good start for our sons. Thanks for all your dedication!

Miyrem and Mehmed

Dear prospective Wollaston Hill Montessori parents,

Our daughter Lucy is currently in her second year in WHMS. This has been the experience we had hoped for to be her introduction to education. Oonagh Connolly is the type of person who although she eventually may not be in your daily life, will remain in your heart indelibly. The enthusiasm, thoughtfulness, and kindness she has approached the establishment of WHMS is nothing short of remarkable. Her "right hand", Mrs. Hatfield, is the perfect match for her as well, her equal in treating the children as individuals with kindness, consideration, and love. Our daughter looks forward to school, and we see the lessons imparted by WHMS daily in not only academics, but life habits. The Montessori philosophy of education may not be the perfect match for all, but for our Lucy, it's been the ideal beginning, and we have Miss Connolly and Mrs. Hatfield to thank and remember for it.

Mark and Marcy

We started with WHMS when it first opened with our older son, Kyan. This year our daughter, Liya, has also started there. We had originally wanted her to go to preschool the following year, but were so impressed with the school and the teachers, that we decided not to wait. Ms. Connolly and Mrs. Hatfield are both wonderful with the children and they show so much love and care that you will have no qualms about leaving your child. My son has actually moved onto Kindergarten, but Ms. Connolly still takes the time to meet with me about his progress at his new school. I have never met a more caring and dedicated teacher who truly cares for the children as if they were her own.

The school itself is located in a historic church building and is very clean. I love that they make the students change into indoor shoes. That's just an example of how they maintain cleanliness. There is a beautiful little yard in the back for outdoor play with a sand box and tricycles. We receive pictures on Fridays with all the students in school throughout the week and it's a very personalized touch that shows the children engaged, learning, smiling and playing with friends. There's also yoga every day that benefits me as well because my daughter gives me lessons at home.  Music, and Art are also offered on a weekly basis.

All in all, Wollaston Hill Montessori is a wonderful school and we consider ourselves extremely fortunate to have had our children go there. I am always raving about it and I encourage anyone looking for a preschool to come visit.

The Sangani Family

I enrolled my son when he was three years old and I love the progress he's made since. He surprises me every day with things he's learned, ranging from language to behavior. The WHMS staff has also been a pleasure to work with. Really looking forward to the spring concert!


Attending WHMS has been a great experience for our daughter. She was there only for a month since we had to move due to our job nature. I value the effort teachers and administrators put in to create an environment where my daughter learnt self-confidence, academics, and respect for others. Furthermore, I am impressed with the activities my daughter participated in, like art, music, library, and physical education. Moreover WHMS offered my daughter the opportunity to learn in the manner which she was most comfortable. Most of all, the teachers were very kind and gave personal attention to every kid & that is one of the main reasons why my daughter loved school. After we moved, my daughter was very upset. She missed her teachers, friends & the way of learning. Even though she was there only for a month, she started reading small words & it took her a long time to get used to the new school. I would recommend WHMS for small children. That's the best place you want your child to be in when they start their first learning.

The Balaji Family

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